Gemmology & Jewellery Tuition

Students of Gemmology, Consumers & Retail Jewellers

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Susan Pennington FIRV, PJValDip, FNAJ, FGA, DGA is an Adviser to the Institute of Registered Valuers' ‘Certificate of Appraisal Theory Programme’.
You too can benefit from her extensive knowledge and experience of gems and jewellery. Broadly, tuition can be provided to:

  • Those connected to the jewellery trade.
  • Members of the Public, typically consumers.

Susan offers jewellery and gemmology training to FGA & DGA students, trainee Appraisers working on CAT and FoAP, students of other gemmological qualifications, jewellers' staff and consumers. Whatever category you fall into, tuition can be given on a one-to-one basis or to small groups of like-minded people who are at a similar point in their development.

The Jewellery Trade

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Gemmology Students

Whether you are studying for your Fellowship of the Gemmological Association or your Graduate Gemologist with the GIA, Susan's gemmology tutoring and coaching can give you that vital edge that makes all the difference. Sessions can be arranged at regular intervals throughout the course, on an ad hoc basis when needed, or even just a single pre-exam session to work on your weakest area.

Retail Jewellers

A few lessons can give you and/or your staff the increased knowledge which will equip them for today's market. With the information available on the TV and Internet. consumers today have never been so well informed! Your staff, more than ever, need to show a solid understanding of the gemstones and jewellery they are selling.

Trainee Appraisers / Valuers

Support to a programme that you are already working on, for example, the Institute of Registered Valuers "CAT" programme, is offered. This tutoring in gem and jewellery valuation theory is tailored to match the syllabus of the programme.

Classes designed to instruct those wishing to become jewellery valuers are also available for small groups or single students. The content can be modified to concentrate on any area or discipline that you feel you need additional focus.

Consumers and Hobbyists

Some gem equipment

For private individuals Susan has a wide selection of educational material that will suit most reasons you have for wanting to know more about coloured gemstones, diamonds and jewellery.

Ms Pennington specialises in assisting consumers in gaining a better understanding of the items they buy and the trade from which they make their purchases. A well-informed consumer knows what to look for and makes better buying decisions.

For those who simply have a love of gem materials, and want to understand this fascinating subject better, Susan provides insightful classes to help you appreciate the wonderful world of gemstones and jewellery. This could also include using a range of gemmological equipment that may inspire you to take your studies to the next level.

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