Other Jewellery Related Services

Assessments, Reports and Consultations

The jewellery and gem-related services noted below are available directly from Susan's office in West Lancashire and also in client's homes in the surrounding towns and cities, including Preston, Southport, St Helens and beyond.

Post-loss Assessment

It is infinitely better to have your jewellery well-documented before a loss, but Susan is happy to assist those who have suffered a loss and do not have a recent valuation. A Post-Loss Assessment is the report that your insurance company may require you to provide, to give some indication of what has been lost and an estimation of the likely replacement cost.

Susan Pennington using a gemmologiacl microscope

Gemstone Identification and Classification

An increasingly popular service is Susan's gemstone identification service. No value is quoted (although this service can be upgraded to a full appraisal and valuation report), the purpose is to establish the species and variety of a gem or a gemstone collection. Susan has a fully equipped gemmological laboratory and many years experience in this field, so you can be certain of a swift and accurate identification.

Legal Related Services

Pre-Litigation Consultations, Mediation and Arbitration

Sometimes you may have a dispute a Jeweller, Appraiser, On-line Seller, or some other entity. Susan can advise and provide suitable advice and documentation if you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation. Very often compliance by a third-party or gaining a satisfactory agreement with them, can be achieved through mediation and arbitration.

Expert Witness

Ms Pennington's experience and knowledge also extends to giving expert testimony as an Expert Witness for the prosecution or defence, in civil or criminal cases.

Condition Report

Increasingly insurance companies are requiring their policyholders to have settings and fittings checked on an annual basis, to confirm their "insurability". This service is available without charge for three years following the item(s) being valued by Susan. A condition checking and reporting is also available to others at reasonable cost.

Buying & Selling Related Services

Consumer looking in jeweller's window

Sometimes, a full appraisal and valuation report is not what is required. Sometimes, you just need a little advice and guidance. Perhaps you merely want to double-check that what you think you have bought, is indeed what you thought it was. Maybe your jeweller would be willing to submit an item of jewellery or loose gemstone to Susan for her to give an opinion of quality prior to you agreeing to buy it.

Some of the purposes for a consultation with Ms Pennington:

  • Pre-Purchase Assessment
  • Purchase Verification
  • Pre-Sale Consultations and Reports


Whatever your reason for needing some guidance, Susan would be delighted to be of service to you.

Equitable Distribution Consultations

It is common for the owner of jewellery or an Executor of a deceased's estate, to want to be able to distribute or pre-allocate certain items to family members or beneficiaries. Very often a full Open Market Appraisal is not required, merely assistance in grouping items for distribution, based on their approximate open market value.

General / Miscellaneous Consultations

Ms Pennington provides consultations to consumers and other members of the public, who merely wish to be better informed for whatever scenario they are preparing for. Sound advice backed by specialist training, qualifications and experience puts you in a position of strength and confidence. These two characteristics usually make for better outcomes.

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